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Polarion ALM


Polarion ALM is an incredibly powerful application lifecycle management solution that empowers you to define, construct, test, and efficiently oversee intricate software systems. What's truly exciting is that it's a completely browser-based solution, uniting small teams or supporting thousands of users seamlessly.



  • Seamless real-time collaboration

  • Built-in support for ReqIF data exchange, and/or through common document formats such as Word/Excel® or PDF®

  • Contextual visibility improves team effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive traceability and automated tracking speeds and protects functional safety compliance.

  • Model Driven development with Polarion's Diagram Editor, plus integration with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect™ and with MATLAB® Simulink™

  • Intuitive workflow drives rapid adoption.

  • Enabling automotive industry project templates facilitate functional safety compliance, process assessment, Agile development practices, and other objectives.

Collaborate across complex internal and supplier ecosystems. Accelerate Functional Safety compliance for ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and CMMI standards.



  • Workflow control of individual work items enables streamlined, interdependent processes

  • Linking of work items delivers full traceability throughout the lifecycle and across projects

  • Comprehensive, automated history of all artifacts facilitates proof of compliance

  • Integrate risk management processes leveraging the ISO 14971 Template

  • Proven medical processes including the above customizable templates help get your started

  • Automated workflow control includes routing, approval and escalation

  • Support for unlimited, fully linked variants speeds up development

  • Centralized 100% browser-based tool drives real-time collaboration

  • Online “easy-as-Word” authoring speeds up adoption

  • Polarion Round-trip™ for Microsoft® Word/Excel® smooths external exchange

  • Native RIF/ReqIF exchange with IBM® Rational® DOORS® etc. connects specialists

Supported via comprehensive traceability, automated forensic-level accountability, and real-time reporting throughout the lifecycle as well as across projects. Furthermore, it is supported via review and approval of any work item with electronic signature, combined with uninterrupted traceability starting at the design phase.



  • Polarion’s recent integrations with MATLAB® Simulink®, Klocwork’s and others show a real deep understanding for their target markets.

  • Working with innovative partners, Polarion's mission to help customers unlock synergies across all of their development teams.

  • Integrating Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) processes to bridge the gap between mechanical, hardware, electronic and software development, delivering unprecedented efficiencies.

Reduce time-to-market and improve quality and safety across multiple, complex systems.

Polarion provides guaranteed end-to-end traceability and forensic-level proof of compliance for systems and software engineering organizations in regulated industries.


POLARION FOR Embedded Systems 

  • Real-time collaboration with intuitive authoring and linking to quickly identify defects, determine impact, and resolve in the most complex systems

  • Comprehensive end-to-end traceability from requirements to code, testing, verification and validation

  • Customizable, pre-built best-practice workflows, cross-discipline reports, and metrics to manage the full product lifecycle, while accelerating time to market with enforced compliance with your project's operating procedures

  • Predictive analysis, FMEA risk management and lifecycle project management

  • Expert templates provided for Agile, Waterfall, V-Model, ISO/IEC, FDA, FAA, and hundreds more

  • Model-based development with Polarion’s unique wizard based UML builder and integrations with Matlab Simulink, Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect, or Rhapsody

  • Reverse engineer existing products with Polarion’s time machine to reuse and manage assets, versions, and variant

  • Managing requirements, code, test cases, work items of any kind for product variants

  • Track, Trace, or Link any kind of work items one-to-one or one-to-many across infinite levels and infinite products or projects - to share, collaborate, and review with your team

  • Easy to learn and use UI, and unique LiveDoc technology that drives adoption and rapidly helps make your embedded development team productive.  Within days, Polarion customers are customizing their user interface and molding the Polarion product to fit their operating procedures

  • Extensive global support including assigned technical account reps who are familiar with you and your business.

Polarion automates management of systems engineering projects and helps you develop quality embedded software with the industry's highest efficiency and ROI.

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