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Mayhem by ForallSecure is a state-of-the-art application and API security testing tool designed to find weaknesses and defects in software code. Developed by hackers, it uses advanced methods to systematically test applications for potential vulnerabilities.

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Check out the two Primary versions

Code security

Test your code with Mayhem

Thousands of autonomously generated tests run every minute to pinpoint vulnerabilities and guide rapid remediation.

Code security


Secure, Reliable APIs in Minutes

Mayhem was built to enable a developer to get meaningful API security, performance, and verification testing results within 5 minutes.

API security
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  • Complies with ISO SAE 21434 for operational security

  • Complies with ISO 26262; accelerate and ensure automotive regulatory compliance with Mayhem

  • Complies with UNECE Vehicle Regulations: UN R155 & UN R156; Use Mayhem as your solution to ensure and accelerate security compliance

  • Integrates with Matlab: offers a wide range of functions and toolboxes for various scientific and engineering functions


Mayhem continuously uncovers new vulnerabilities in your applications, helping you fix real risks to your automotive software before production

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  • Leverage Mayhem to achieve aviation standards such as ED-203A / DO-356A

  • These aviation standards evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented aircraft security measures

  • Your ultimate partner in safeguarding your aerospace systems from cyber threats

  • hackers, vendors, and the government get together and work through problems regarding aerospace security


Mayhem continuously tests your code, identifying potential defects that could compromise your security

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  • Leverage Mayhem to achieve ED-203A / DO-356A

  • ED-203A and DO-356A do two things: form part of the vulnerability identification and evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented aircraft security measures

  • Mayhem helps teams ensure critical systems are safe - and secure - by leveraging advanced application security techniques like symbolic execution, generative AI, and fuzz testing.


Mayhem continually uncovers new vulnerabilities in software, helping you identify real risks and stay ahead of attackers

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