Deliver your project on-time and on-budget, while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Trinity’s team has been offering development services of modules, programs or complete multi-year, multi-unit, multi-architecture systems, in any embedded or otherwise challenging environment for over ten years, and are proud to count Radvision, ELOP, Comverse, ECI, Juniper, BigBand Networks and Elbit among our clients.

We can take on a project at the design phase, or come in mid-development to improve performance or locate hard to find bugs.


Custom Development

Trinity has successfully completed projects dealing with protocols such as: 

H.323, RTP, SIP, MEGACO and RTSP, as well as a many proprietary protocols and has proven experience in most embedded environments (Linux, VxWorks, Windows-Mobile, and even OS-less).

Some of our delivered projects include:

Mobile multimedia VoIP applications, high-throughput servers, industrial control applications, and special communication modules.

We provide full development services:

From a single module to an entire system. Particularly in Embedded Systems, Real-Time, VoIP, Servers, Multimedia, Communication & Networking, Protocols, High-Performance High-Throughput, and system-optimizations.

Algorithm Development

In addition to standard software development, we offer our expertise in the more mathematically intense areas of computing:

1. Error detection and correction algorithms

2. Special data compression

3. Security – authentication / digital signatures, encryption, etc.

4. Multimedia & image processing

5. General and special signal processing

Delivery can be in the form of separate libraries or integrated into the client’s application.



We can leverage our extensive experience in team and project management to benefit your development process:

1. System level performance improvement & optimization

2. Development workflow and process

3. Process automation and optimization

4. Architectural review

Security Consulting

Improve your systems’ and products’ inherent security:

1. Secure-Architecture

2. Secure coding – guidelines, conventions, courses, and practice

3. Testing for security

4. Security analysis of projects, products, and systems

5. SDLC – Secure development lifecycle