Plastic SCM is the best Distributed Version Control supporting task-driven software development for teams of any size because it simplifies branching and merging.

  • Fully distributed or centralized repos

  • Branching and merging made simple

  • Powerful GUI or straight command line

  • Reliable & scalable repo storage with the RDBMS of your choice

Plastic SCM is the only version control system that can meet the demands of globally distributed development. It easily scales within any sophisticated development environment, without friction or complexity. Its SCM made simple.

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PlasticSCM capabilities

Lightning fast branches

Branching is a very efficient process, so you can easily work with feature branches or go even further and use task branches, the model we recommend.


Task driven development

In task-driven development, changes made to individual files are grouped into higher-level structures, called tasks. Every change made to implement new functionality or fix a bug is a task.


Powerful merge

The merge backend will smartly reconcile the changes that you made with those of your colleagues.


Fully distributed

Visually pushing and pulling changes, reconciling remote conflicts graphically, working from different locations and still making local check-ins, enabling frustration-free parallel development.