Advanced and extensible, Peach Fuzzer finds vulnerabilities in hardware and software solutions. With an easy to use webbased interface, extensive library of supported protocols, and an effortlessly scalable platform, Peach Fuzzer is the industry’s leading fuzz testing solution.

The primary test targets of the platform include the following:

  • File consumers process common file formats, whether document, image, or streaming
  • Network protocols provide external and internal communications, documents, video streams, and more
  • Embedded devices include firmware, emulators, and Android devices
  • Device drivers are important fuzzing targets and are among the trickiest targets to test
  • External devices are growing in the “Internet of Things” category, such as automobiles, and other wireless devices
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Peach Fuzzer advantages

Cost effective

Fuzz testing runs millions of automated test cases to create, reproduce, and log vulnerabilities. Peach helps leverage your time efficiently and improves the return on your testing dollars.


Peach fuzzes data and data flows that range in complexity from a simple BLOB to sequences of data packets common to network protocols using intelligent test cases. Move beyond checksums. Decipher encrypted data. Let Peach uncover the vulnerabilities in your test targets.


Peach is a fully extensible platform. Using standard interfaces, Peach supports security testing of any file format, network protocol, application protocol, Android device, device driver, or embedded hardware. Peach extensibility enables fuzzing of proprietary systems and interfaces in software and hardware.


Peach allows enterprises to build massively scalable and distributed fuzzing harnesses.


Peach provides end-to- end functionality. Fuzz with off-the- shelf fuzzing definitions, or develop your own. Instrument the test session. Record and bucket the results. Re-run failed test cases to validate repairs.