Metaforic technologies and solutions will help you protect your program from subversion, reverse engineering, tampering, repackaging, and any unwanted change. It does all of this on virtually any platform and with near-zero runtime impact. Metaforic defends your software from the inside out.

  • Supporting C, C++, Objective C & Objective C++
  • Multi OS support – Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, Windows, Linux, MacOS, and even ‘bare-metal’
  • Easily portable to other OSs
  • Quick deployment and instant protection
  • Near-zero performance impact

Metaforic solutions

Metaforic Core™


Automatically build self-defending programs so that deployed instances can protect themselves from hackers, pirates, targeted malware, insider betrayal and even hardware errors.

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Metaforic Concealer™

The ultimate obfuscator

Metaforic Concealer provides a powerful obfuscation that dramatically increasing the complexity of reverse engineering an application’s sensitive functions, significantly hampering attempts to statically or dynamically analyze their operation, making analysis impractical for all but the most skilled attacker and ensuring that even elite hackers will move on to softer, less frustrating targets.

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Metaforic WhiteBox™

Secure communication

Metaforic WhiteBox is a state-of-the-art cryptographic solution that allows an application to perform cryptographic operations without exposing keys and other secrets that are critical to the security of those operations.

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