McObject’s  eXtremeDB in-memory database combines exceptional performance, reliability and developer efficiency in a proven real-time embedded database engine.

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eXtremeDB capabilities

Fastest database system available

As an in-memory database system (IMDS), eXtremeDB eliminates I/O and other sources of latency. Your system gains speed without rewrites or expensive new hardware.


eXtremeDB’s ACID transactions safeguard data integrity, guaranteeing that updates will complete together or the database will roll back to the pre-transaction state.

Flexible persistence

Fine-tune data persistence with eXtremeDB Transaction Logging. Store all or part of your data on disk using eXtremeDB Fusion. eXtremeDB also supports non-volatile RAM (NV-RAM; battery-backed RAM) for storage.

Code quality enforced

A type-safe API and run-time verification mean data typing and usage errors are caught early. Result: higher quality code, shorter development cycles and dramatically fewer costly errors.


Committed to 99.999% uptime or better? eXtremeDB High Availability (HA) and eXtremeDB Cluster editions ensure continuous database operation even in the face of hardware or software failure.

Low ownership cost, high ROI

eXtremeDB’s short learning curve, type-safe API, and enhanced code reusability and maintainability reduce its cost of ownership, while benefits such as lower component costs, scalability, a better end-user experience and superb reliability add value downstream from development. All these advantages combine for a higher return on investment in embedded database software for companies that choose McObject’s eXtremeDB.