Kiuwan is a  Static Application Security Testing (SAST) platform that specialized in security, quality assurance and application inventory management products.

Kiuwan covers +20 development technologies, including: Java, Java Script, php, SAP, Cobol, C++, C, C#, python, Android, html and others.

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Kiuwan solutions

Application risk governance

Know the security risks in your Enterprise application portfolios.
Understand the weak areas and learn how to prioritize efforts to maximize ROI.
Make informed decisions based on a real snapshot of what risks you face.

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Application vulnerability assessment

Implement assessment of the security risks in your applications.
Track the readiness of development teams and outsourcers based on their audit results.
Verify your software compliance based on all known market standards.

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Application security architecture

Evaluate risks in your business.
Cartography, complete map of application vulnerabilities.
Find the weakest link in your applications.

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