Spend time engineering, not reading through code.

Imagix Corporation provides a set of powerful tools for the productivity of software developers.Imagix products are used for reverse-engineering, quality analysis and documentation of software in applications ranging from deep space communication and air traffic control systems, to billing and management information systems, to safety critical automotive systems, communication devices and medical instrumentation.Bosch, General Dynamics, Hitachi, Nissan, Samsung, US Army, FAA, Navy and Sandia National Lab, and many other leading organizations, use Imagix tools to comprehend complex, legacy or open source C, C++ and Java source code

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Imagix4D Capabilities

Source code analysis

A comprehensive source code analysis tool for C,C++& Java, Imagix 4D enables you to rapidly check or systematically study your software on any level — from its high level architecture to the details of its build, class and function dependencies. You can visually explore a wide range of aspects about your software – control structures, data usage, and inheritance. Study and thoroughly understand the impact of changes before you make them.

Static Analysis & Software Metrics & Test

Identify potential problems during the development and testing of your source code and judge the quality of a third party or open source.Analytical verifications of variable flow, task interactions, and interrupt protections occurring in your source code are achieved by applying program slicing-based data flow analysis. Spot potential runtime conflicts in real-time embedded multitasking or multithreaded systems.

Delta Analysis

Imagix 4D version comparisons are created at the structural level, not as mere file diffs. Whether you’re looking at different file revisions managed by a source control system, separate bodies of source code kept in parallel directory structures, or the same exact code compiled with different compile options, Imagix 4D’s Delta Analysis functionality enables you to understand the impact of the source code differences at the level they are meaningful – in the control flow and overall architecture of your software.
The Delta Analysis results can be used to automatically generate checklists for the Review tool, so that you can apply automation to the process of reviewing and verifying your changes.

Code Review

Conducting a software review to determine and document standards compliance or change control can represent a significant effort, requiring resources from several parts of a software development team. Through its guided checklist reviews, Imagix 4D’s Review tool reduces the overall effort, in several important ways:
  1. Automates many of the steps in review process
  2. Seamlessly integrates static analysis results with any necessary source analysis and visualization
  3. Creates documentation and an audit trail automatically as part the process
  4. Distributes effort among reviewers and developers, producing in a single, unified output
  5. Facilitates review management, partitioning tasks and tracking progress as well as results
  6. Generates intellectual property that can be reused to simplify later reviews of same or similar software

Automated Document Generation

With Imagix 4D, you can automatically generate comprehensive as-built documents to help with understanding, augmenting and archiving your software.
Spanning your full system, the design level documentation provides precise, extensively detailed, easily navigatable information and analysis of your software. And with Imagix 4D’s automation, you can be certain that the documents remain current and accurate. All without spending a lot of time.
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