Fast, high quality software delivery

Electric Cloud products help you automate and accelerate your software delivery processes including build, test, deploy and release and the use of their supporting infrastructure.

  • Accelerate processes and build tasks with patented parallelization and distributed processing
  • Complete & integrated end-to-end (build-test-deploy) process automation with full visibility, control and analytics
  • The flexibility required to model any process, script, language or software methodology
  • Comprehensive support for physical, virtual and cloud-based resources
  • Enterprise grade scalability and security

Electric Cloud solutions


Build Software Smarter. Faster. Better.

Speed Builds & Improve Throughput

  • Massively parallel, safe software builds

  • Automate build and release processes, integrate with existing SCM tools

Virtually Eliminate Broken Builds

  • Automatic dependency detection

  • Actionable, intuitive visualization and reports

Centralize Build Clouds for Global Teams

  • Optimized for centralized build cloud and clusters

  • Completely platform and tool agnostic – supports any heterogeneous, multi-core infrastructure

  • Build flexible cost models for billing and chargeback reports


Automate Enterprise Software Delivery Processes & Resources

Automate software delivery

  • Platform and language independent

  • Personalized dashboard

  • Artifact management

  • Provide a secure, auditable, structured, storage & retrieval system for all outputs

Key integrations

    • Integrations with Eclipse and Visual Studio IDEs

    • Application Lifecycle Management tool integrations

Enterprise-class scale, security, and best practices sharing

  • Scalable, multi-threaded architecture

  • Project mechanism with team-sharing

  • Multiple workspaces, perfect for distributed teams

  • Nested procedures, for reuse

  • Access controls using LDAP & AD, fine-grained ACL for secure collaboration

  • Enterprise-grade security measures for passwords & credentials

Complete visibility into process metrics & resource utilization

  • Pinpoint reporting

  • Enhanced workflow visualization

  • Continuous Integration (CI) dashboard

  • Cross-project, cross-team reporting

  • Single-click access to job logs

Accelerate automated process & manage cloud resources efficiently

  • Parallel execution

  • Preflight builds and tests

  • Optimizes virtual lab environments

  • Resource management and pooling


Enterprise DevOps Application Deployment

Application & Environment Modeling

  • Application model

  • Environment model

  • Per environment customization

  • Dependency mapping management for tiered application deployments

  • Parallel execution

Fail-Safe Application Deployment Features

  • Execution preview

  • Deploy/Recover flow debugging

  • Pro-actively, set acceptable failure and success deployment thresholds

  • Pre-define recovery/rollback behavior per application release

Visibility of Application Delivery Progress

  • Application delivery pipeline

  • Out-of-the-box application trend reports

Built-in Integrations & Code Re-use

  • Seamless application lifecycle management (ALM) tool integrations

  • Middleware and application integrations out of the box

  • Easy re-use of existing scripts

Ease of Use For Everyone

  • Application deployment domain-centric user interface

  • Drag-and-wire graphical workflow modeling

  • Enable self-service deployment

Resource Optimization

  • Integrates with physical, virtual, and cloud management systems

  • Part of the Electric Cloud ElectricCommander DevOps automation suite

  • Share processes and unite visibility

Enterprise Grade Solution

  • Enterprise-grade credential management

  • Enterprise class multi-tier architecture

  • LDAP and AD authentication and fine-grained access control lists

  • Scalable, multi-threaded architecture

  • Audit Trail