Trinity Software & Beyond Ltd. is a software boutique, offering exceptional solutions and services, for the development of a secured and reliable software.

As a software boutique, we have a deep and practical understanding of the challenges that arise in the SDLC. We know the pain points in developing high quality and secure software, and how to leverage various solutions and methodologies to face those challenge. Our customers benefit from the high-end solutions that we offer and our hands-on approach in implementing and supporting our products and services.



Rami Shaft


Rami has +20 years of varied experience in the computing industry, starting his career in the Israeli Navy’s computer center. Rami has proven extensive experience in R&D as well as business management, including deep problem domain knowledge varying from multi-disciplinary integrated systems to high-level software applications and from real-time embedded systems to cutting-edge information technologies. Rami has proven innovative and creative thinking accompanied by strong human relations, known for establishing strong business relationships with customers and vendors.


Carmit Tsur

VP of Business Development

Carmit brings over 10 years’ of multi-disciplinary experience in working with both vendors and customers. Carmit’s experience includes customer service, account management, project management, sales and marketing.  With a B.A in Phycology and Communications and M.A in Business Psychology, Carmit brings her unique approach to business, reflecting that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Carmit has proven record in business development for products in new territories, including strategy and execution.